Art's Barbershop is now closed and will not re-open. Thanks SO MUCH to my clients! Here are some other barber shops in the area you may want to try:

George's, Barber Judy, 205 S Holmen Dr, Holmen, 526-4304

Barber Arms, Barber Tanya, 134 Leonard St N, West Salem, 608-415-3420

Tom's, Barber Tom, 215 Main St, Onalaska, 783-4541

Kraft's, Barber Jim, 718 Clinton St, LaCrosse, 782-2433

Ken's, Barber Jamie, 713 Rose St, LaCrosse, 782-3660

CJ's, Barber's Cara & JoBeth, 1216 Hayes St, LaCrosse, 781-4247